Friday, January 15, 2016

   He was change by he couldn't feel any more of people like he couldn't feel there pain putting him self in there shoes anymore he was feeling what the baby was feeling anymore he wasnt connected to the people.

   The mother was changed she changed by finally realizing the that mellower has been raising the children. like realizing she has bearly any memory with them since they were babys.

Tendia was changed by turning into a man ish like meaning when he left and went missing he was just a boy and returned man he was being smart as a man and thinking like a man would and was tough and realized so many things when he was still at home.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye, Arm Plot Summary Through Chapter 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in dead man's vlei. 
  They got captured from with the she elephant she's like the person who rules over there but they were slaving off and almost forgot about there parents. They had to dress into dirty clothes. Then in there was like a lot of tunnels and it was like dirt. But the tunnels out of dirt had really fragile things but in thought fragile things they had like some ancestors in them. That they heard of. It was like a wast area the dump. Where there is trash everywhere and people live in it. But under all of though's trash that has been dump there is a bunch of tunnels where over the years the she elephant built with her crew. She dressed them up in really dirty clothes and everything because they worked in though's tunnels. There are also mud puddles in them. They had to be very very careful because as they would work in the tunnels the can calaps on them. They worked because that was there meal ticket of eating. They had to work for food. 

2. Tell how the children escaped dead man's vldi.
The trash man has lead them to escape from Dead Man's Vlei. Some how he new a bus stop and supposedly the bus driver new who he was. The kids had climb aboard an asked the bus driver to take them to rest haven but the driver couldn't really take them exactly to rest haven. But he could take him in a direction towards rest haven. The trash man has lead them out. Of dead man's vlei.

3. Tell what happened to the children in rest haven.

   The mothers Mellower took them in to take care of them.But she was really up to something. Her and the mellower the mellower was also apart of the plan. Rita had chicken pocks. She was sick they had to do a cure. And as they were technically done with the cure and working they asked to go home but she kept telling them no your parents are still gone and that they couldn't call them. And so they needed to stay and they kept working for her. She was just lying to them because they were planing something her and her son the mellower. 

4. Tell how the children escaped rest haven.
By them running away. From that girl. Sense they were done with they're cure and they got a hint that something was going on.

This is it I'm all done. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

 Describe what is ironic about law and order in Harare:   The law and order in Harare is ironic because there is like nearly any order and law. DONE THANK YOU FOR READING!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm- Ch. 2

            What do we know about the Mellower?  He often forgets, hypnotizes people, smuggles things for the kids, cate most of the time.

            How does he NOT fit in with this family?  He does not fit in with this family because this his family is all about war. And as they train his mind always wonders off and he can feel the other persons pain (putting his self in their shoes).